Data acquisition, analysis and prediction

Analytics, business intelligence (BI), and data management can help organizations innovate, including by making interdependencies between humans, institutions, entities, and processes more apparent through study of data relationships. Organizations can use tools to gain a better perspective on how making changes in one process or function will affect another process or function.

Data visualization is critical to seeing data relationships and shortening the decision makers’ path to actionable intelligence. With visual BI and analytics, users are able to go beyond simple tabular reporting to look at comparisons, patterns, trends, and outliers. 

Swift Data offers solutions for every part of the process, from data acquisition to data prediction.

Remote sensors and monitoring

Acquire data from and monitor devices, processes and systems even in the most remote locations that have limited access to internet connection or power.

Data analysis and insight

98% of the data companies receive are thrown away. Analyze everything in real-time and gain insight that will give you an edge over the competition.

Alerts and automated reaction

Solutions for mission control systems that require immediate reaction and alerting.

Forecasting and prediction

See the future and prepare for it by planning resources and actions accordingly, before the unforeseen events happen.